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Looking to hire - again

We're looking to hire again. This time I've got 6 positions to fill in my team, and we've got 4 others.

In my team, we need a Lead/Manager for the Support Team, and a Support Engineer. This has proved a tricky position to specify, since these people need to be all-rounders. They need to be able to manage our infrastructure, from OS up, so they need to be strong on Linux, scripting, and "infrastructure" tools and concepts, like monitoring, configuration management, etc. But they also need to be able to support the applications themselves, which requires knowing about Java app servers (Tomcat in particular), databases, and web servers. On top of that, they need to be customer-support focused - they don't deal with the end users directly, but do need to deal with internal customers and key people, particularly technical contacts, at our customers and partners.

On top of that we need a Senior Java Architect and an Architect/Senior Developer type. These are again tricky, I firmly believe in Architects being hands-on, and we are an agile team, so they can't just be UML monkeys. But the core development team is offshore in Poland, and our software is complex, so it will be a challenge to get up to speed with it, and be able to interface between the non-technical people in London and the developers there, take ownership of planning a major revision. Cool roles really, but a fairly new thing for us, so we can't be 100% certain how the role will work in practice.

We're also going to hire a QA manager and test engineer.

Fun times here!

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