SAN Virtualization

Virtualization in the server fram relies heavily on storage, something I understand only to a certain level. This
review by InfoStor discusses virtualization of the SAN itself to get the flexibility you really need to get the best value out of server virtualization. It's somewhat over my head at the moment - I haven't gotten to this point yet - so I'm putting this link here for future reference.

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Recommended blogs for virtualisation

I've added a few virtualization-oriented blogs to my feed reading. My favorite is VMUNIX Blues, by Mark Mayo. His posts aren't as frequent as the other two below, (although much more frequent than mine!) but the quality is high, he's doing hands-on stuff. I first found him by Googling for thoughts on shared storage approaches, which turned up this post about using NFS with vmware server. is by Alessandro Perilli, a consultant who specialises in this stuff.

VMblog seems to be driven by industry press-releases, but is nevertheless a worthwhile resource.

The hidden pitfalls of server virtualization

Where's there's buzz, there's bullshit. Slashing hardware costs and the time I spend herding servers makes virtualization sound like a silver bullet, but I have no doubt it's not as easy as the salespeople tell me to pull it off. I've spent some time researching and thinking it through, and have come up with a few things that I need to keep in mind when planning to get into virtualization properly.

Will I really spend less on hardware?

What's cool about virtualization?

How would you like to cut your annual server farm budget to a fraction of its current cost, reaping the glory and gold due to a corporate IT champion? Lop your data center to a third of its current size, no a fifth, maybe less! At the same time, you can improve resiliency, flexibility, and potency!

The Virtual Buzz

Virtualization is all the buzz these days, especially for server farms. As my own collection of server hardware heads towards 20 boxes and is still hard pressed to handle all the tasks I need it to do, I'm finding the lure of the herd hard to ignore.

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