We're looking to hire a sysadmin team lead

We need someone to take up the leadership of the London-based support team at the Map of Medicine, which manages and supports our server-based software products. This is a hands-on technical role suitable for someone with senior-level technical skills, ready to move into or improve in a team-lead position. We are also looking for a junior syadmin type, probably someone looking for their second job in the field. The contact email is tech dash jobs at map of medicine dot c o m. No recruiters wanted.

What the team does

The responsibilities for the support team involve:

  • Delivering and supporting our applications to our customers (we provide second and third line support, first-line helpdesk support is handled by client organizations), internally and externally,
  • Helping new and existing customers with the technical aspects of implementing and integrating our software into their systems and processes
  • Running, improving, and expanding our hosting infrastructure, particularly as we grow internationally.

Our company combines the agility and rapid pace of a four year old software start-up with the stability and resources of an international, publically listed publishing company.


We develop and provide a software service that serves as a healthcare knowledge source across multiple healthcare organisations. We deliver this as a hosted service, and also as software that partner organisations can host.

The Map of Medicine application suite is a Java-server based web application that runs on Linux or Windows on a Tomcat application server using a MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle database.

Technologies we use

Our hosting infrastructure currently spans a production farm in redundant data centres, and a development/test "lab", and will expand to another data centre internationally. Our production systems are primarily Linux with Apache and Tomcat, with some Windows servers running SQL Server. Our test lab uses virtual servers on VMWare ESX, running Oracle, MySQL, and various other bits of technology.

Ensuring that our applications are highly available, reliable, and responsive is a key driver, so we implement monitoring, security, and centralized configuration management using mainly open source tools such as Nagios, Puppet, Subversion, and OpenLDAP, as well as custom scripts. Load balancing, database clustering, and data-centre failover are other cornerstones of our availability strategy.

We must be able to rapidly configure and deploy our applications for testing, pilot projects, and expansion. Centralized configuration management is essential to this, as is our use of virtualization technologies.

We also provide knowledge management services internally and externally, and provide leadership to the rest of the company on how to effectively use these. These are based around our wiki and bug tracker using Confluence and Jira.

The Role

The Support and Infrastructure Team Lead needs to be an experienced system administrator who can lead a team of 4+ in planning and implementing new technologies and expanding and improving use of existing technologies. This is a hands-on technical role. The Team Lead needs to be highly customer-focused, able to discuss daily operational problems and issues with non-business people and customers. They will also need to be able to think longer term and be involved in planning new applications and services and consult with client-organisations to plan their technical implementation of our software.

Required Skills

  • Strong knowledge of Linux and Windows server operating systems,
  • Strong knowledge of web-application technologies including Apache, load-balancing, virtual web-hosting, HTTP protocol,
  • Knowledge of SQL databases, including installation and principles of tuning, and at least basic SQL,
  • Experience in managing multi-server infrastructures including monitoring, configuration, user and host directory services (LDAP, DNS), shared storage, backups, etc.,
  • Scripting languages (Bourne/Bash shell scripting, Perl),
  • Excellent written and verbal communication,
  • Experience working in a technical support environment, understanding of issue tracking systems, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), first/second/third line support arrangements and other technical support processes,
  • Ability to manage and prioritize a fast-paced, rapidly changing workload keeping customer and business needs at the fore,

Desirable Skills

  • Java application servers, particularly Tomcat,
  • Server virtualization technology, particularly VMWare ESX,
  • Shared storage, particularly iSCSI,
  • Experience of healthcare systems or working with or in a clinical environment
  • Presentation skills

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