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Hosting Providers

kief  2006-05-13 22:42       

Here are some of the hosting providers I've worked with.


DreamHost offers shared hosting accounts with an amazing amount of functionality for a very low price. Lots of virtual domains, mysql instances, and tons of extras. They also have dedicated servers, but they seem to be in flux. When I looked at them a while ago they had dedicated Debian servers for under $100 per month, but these are now "coming soon", and the pricing for dedicated RedHat servers (as opposed to VPS servers) aren't promising. So I'm not sure if their dedicated servers are as great a value as their shared hosting.

Aside from the feature heaviness of their shared hosting, DreamHost are pretty good on their communications, their newsletters and blogs are high quality. I haven't needed to contact them for support, so I can't vouch.

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