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DNS Providers

kief  2006-05-14 11:15       

There are scads of DNS providers out there. Hosting providers almost always provide DNS service as well, but I prefer to have a separate provider, so it's easier to switch hosting.

My favorite DNS service is easyDNS. They have a pretty comprehensive service, and they now do domains, although you can't use their web-based interface to do it. There are cheaper services, but Easy DNS are by no means a rip off. The UI is clean and easy to use, their service is rock-solid and fast. I also find them to be a straight-shooting type of company, they don't use dodgy practices to squeeze extra money out of you.

I've had experiences with another, quite large DNS provider which managed to get me to renew a key domain for a client for 7 years by repeatedly sending me confusing emails, and not providing a clear way to see whether I had successfully renewed in my previous attempts. Losing the domain would have been a business disaster for my client, so even though I figured it was a scam I opted to renew anyway, just to be sure. I don't like dealing with companies like this, so I moved the domains to Easy DNS.

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